Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new year, new things

i decided to start a blog to express some of the things that have been on my mind in regards to some changes that need to be made by me in the new year. i still haven't figured out if this is the best venue in which to do it, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, and i'm about to cancel the websites i haven't touched in months and do some writing right here, for free, amongst a community of bloggers gettin busy. i feel home. lol :)

this past year was a tough one for me so let me just get straight to the point(s). for one, i almost lost my mind. and for two, i had the kind of heartbreak that one only reads about in gabriel garcia marquez novels. both were intertwined with each other and mixed up with a lot of other fluff that i decided not to sift through, just left behind. so here i am, blogging, and trying to keep some of my challenges under wraps at the same time :). we'll see how far that gets the curious reader lol.

i've decided that i'm starting of the 2010 fresh:  new decade, new outlook, new energies. and i figure, the universe has to come into alignment for me at some point and now is as good a time as any to bet that it will do just that...i'm keeping my fingers crossed for one full time job, one new pad, and one new homie to kick back with and relax lol (though i'm not as keen on the last, anymore, as i am on the first two desires)

so my list of things to do includes...(bear with me, i'm still thinking about it...):

a) cleaning out the clutter. this includes anything that's clogging clear pathways to positive thinking and action, could be family, friends, people you semi know, or those you fall head over heels for. don't let anyone or anything stand in the way of your forward progression.

b) thinking and acting like a souljah. by this i mean, concentrating on how the spirit affects the everyday world around you and the truths you manifest through your actions. if there's something you are hesitant about or feel would be beneficial to you, focus on what's deep down in your soul and then decide  what is best for you to do (some people call this relying on gut instinct, or the conscience. i call it "getting to the root").

c) doing more for those around you. by this i mean helping out your homegirl who just had a bambino. or jumping out your bed on a whim to make sandwiches and distribute them to homeless people. whatever floats your boat, make sure you do the do. (i've been thinking of volunteering some time tutoring students who are learning to speak english, among the many ideas floating through my head).

d)  back your words up with actions. that's pretty self explanatory, but is what it is.

hm...that's all for now, but it's a (lofty) start. bring on 2010...the chinese year the tiger...time for swift action and no lax attitudes, oxen. lol  :)

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